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I’m Free! (A Victory Chant)

“…so I unknowinly stopped living, & learnt to give love without receiving it ‘cos I was terrorized by mere men…& a man.

He confronted me with harsh realities insensitively.

He left me bleeding, wounded & weeping.

I’ve hence been trying to play safe.

I became scared to open up my heart; scared to laugh too loudly; scared to really speak; scared to be FULLY me…

then I grew…

I grew & I discovered that the devil was stealing my life & I was living in fear.

Then I asked myself,

‘how far back am I willing to let life push me?’

So I stepped out of my cave, took a leap of faith and remained suspended in the air by trust!

Now I’m alert without being alarmed;

I’m not scared of DYING, I’m rather scared of NOT LIVING!

I’m free! It is written!”

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