The Breaking of a New Dawn

The Yorubas will say "The future is never so distant that it does not arrive." The prophetic future of Nigeria prophesied decades—even centuries ago—are now being fulfilled. 2020 shall go down in Nigerian history not so much as the year of the pandemic but, much more, as the year in which the youths of the nation fought for a new Nigeria. In this tapestry of prophetic words concerning Nigeria, Joseph intends to awaken the sensitivity of Nigerian youths to the prophetic hourglass that makes the discernment of the times possible, and thus, inspire intelligent spiritual warfare for the nation while also making a clarion call for Nigerian youths, home and abroad, to strategically position themselves for active participation in the birth of the New Nigeria. It's a New Day.


Young and Found

You Don't Belong To 'a Lost Generation'!

It is unfortunate that today’s young adults and teens have been labelled ‘a lost generation’. To be young, in the eyes of popular media, is to be lost. But this does not have to be the case. Reflecting on their life experiences and the honest questions they have been asked by teenagers and young adults, Joseph and Anu share practical and biblical wisdom on the complex everyday challenges that young Christians face. Subjects covered include: personal development, hearing God’s voice, sex and sexuality, parent-youth relationships, faith, integrity, fun, marriage, managing weaknesses, prayer, pioneering, time and money management — to mention but a few. Each day’s reflection is accompanied with practical tips on applying the message and a prayer. These reflections have already helped thousands of millennials realise that they are young but not lost; they are young and found in Christ. It is the authors’ prayer that this becomes the testimony of everyone who reads this.


Pandemic Joy

In this book, Joseph Ola tackles the tricky and very immediate subject of making sense of life's uncertainties as Christians. His contribution is steeped in his reading of scripture and theology interwoven with some thoughtfully chosen Yoruba proverbs and practical illustrations from everyday life. At its core, the book reminds us to live wisely as good citizens whilst holding steadfastly to the joy that belongs to those who follow the way of the risen Christ. For readers who sense they are living in anxious times, this book offers practical wisdom shot through with the joy of the gospel.
— Colin Smith | Dean of Mission Education, Church Mission Society, Oxford



In his years of engaging with teenagers and young adults, the question Joseph has been most frequently asked is on overcoming sexual addictions—especially pornography and masturbation. This book brings together in one volume Joseph’s liberating thoughts on how to do this, sharing unreservedly from his journey through the same struggles. The book is easy-to-read and has been a helpful resource for many teenagers and young adults.


Marriage in View

This book will surely save many young adults from unnecessary heartbreak.
Besides coming into a relationship with God, there is hardly any decision that is of more significance and long-lasting implications than the decision on who to marry. With the increasing misrepresentation of marriage through popular culture, young people are desperate for trustworthy models and principles to guide them through the waters of marriage-in-view relationships, hence this book. Joseph and Anu, through their love story, draw young people to engage with the tested and timeless countercultural principles upon which the institution of marriage is established. Written in a warm and conversational style, the book will teach you:

  • guidelines on discovering who to marry;

  • answers to questions about dating, courtship, sex and weddings; and

  • principles for building a Godly marriage.


Is this Opportunity from God?

The difference between joy and regret sometimes is being able to discern between what is good and what is God. We will be faced with many opportunities in life, but how can we tell which of them is not a distraction from God's best plan for us? In this book, reflecting on scripture and personal experience, Joseph lays out 7 checkpoints to help the reader discern if an opportunity is indeed from God or just another distraction from His best plan. In this book you will learn:

  • How to avoid regret

  • Positive and negative signs to watch out for in making a choice

  • Tips on choosing a life partner

And lots more!


Bumpy but Sweet

Anu married Joseph on the same day she graduated with a First Class from her LLB degree. Their marriage story went viral on the internet partly for the unique combination of marrying and graduating on a single day and partly because of their incredible love story. This ebook details an up-close-and-personal look into their love story initially shared on an online seminar. They answered lots of questions from young adults about love, dating, courtship, sex, and discerning the will of God besides many other elements that constitute a godly marriage. The book has been a very helpful resource to thousands of singles and young couples.


Waiting Compass


It's a question you've probably asked. It's a question Joseph has definitely asked when his reality seemed decades away from what God had promised.  Thus, in five ‘peaces’ of transformational thoughts, Joseph hands us a compass which points us in the direction where God may be found in times like that. With lots of stories from his personal journey, Joseph writes with such simplicity and clarity that drives home the message and leaves the seeker immersed in the unwavering hope of God’s reassuring promise: “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”