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D Devil I Called “MY BEST FRIEND” (Part 2)

D Devil I Called “MY BEST FRIEND”—Part 2.

…as stupid as the ostrich…

MY “BEST-FRIEND-DEVIL”—Part 2. Part 1 can be gotten here:

Before proceeding to tell the remaining part of this story, I think I need to chip in at this juncture to say that this story is not a true-life story. It’s just one of those fictions from the depth of my imagination, trying to illustrate a point we all should have been familiar with. And if you have not read the first part, I’ll suggest you do so that you can flow along with this conclusion…Thanks. So the following Saturday came and I was (as usual) left in the room alone when I heard a knock around 10 am. The knock was seconded by a feminine voice that asked—“can a lady come in?” I was the only one in the room. I’d never heard that voice before. I stuttered to ask in return—“who are you asking after?” “Joe…Brother Joe” the voice responded. So I opened the door for the damsel to come in. She was looking so radiant and beautiful. (Did I just say that?—Anyway, it’s not far from the truth…but I think “seductive” would have been the perfect adjective for her appearance on this fateful day) Tara came in and I offered her a seat. Then I humbly asked like a gentleman—“what can I do for you?” She adjusted her sitting posture to reveal some more stuffs—you know what that meant…don’t you? Then she said “I was the one that sent you a text message last night…about breaking a relationship and all that…” I’d even forgotten I got a text message like that. I slept very early the previous night but I actually remembered seeing the text message when I woke up around 3 am to ease myself. I never bothered myself with the text message—I actually thought it was sent to a wrong number since I never had that number on my phone. The text message was from a “confused” lady seeking counsel about relationships. She just broke up one and was about entering another. And I never knew why on earth someone will come and seek counsel from me about such a “matter”. I’m not even into a relationship myself. Just a 1st year college student. So I told Tara to tell me her story so that I can see where to come in…and she started. Yeah! She started by coming closer to sit beside me and she began to narrate the story. She was not a good narrator…or probably because she had hidden motives for her coming, narrating a story “that never happened” wasn’t really what she came for. She came for some other reasons. I never knew I’d been set up. Set up by my supposed best-friend. The next series of things that happened in the course of her narrating the story are not what I could put into words…perhaps because I can’t even say specifically how it all happened. All I knew was that some minutes later, Raymond came in and met Tara and I cuddling and kissing and necking and all that…we were so lost in what we were doing that we did not even know anybody entered. By the time Raymond cleared his throat to announce his presence, I could not believe I’d fallen so “cheaply”…worse still…for a stranger that supposedly came for counselling! The lady acted as though she was not shocked seeing Ray. She only redressed herself and briskly walked out of the room, leaving me in the room alone with Ray. I was expecting that Ray would be empathetic enough, but contrary to that, he became the accuser. He reminded me of how I’d preached to people to flee fornication. He reminded me of most of the words of Pastor Franklin in the clip we saw together the previous weekend. He reminded me of the post I occupy in my departmental Christian fellowship. He reminded me that I’d disappointed God and him. He reminded me of everything on earth that will make me feel guilty. Now, isn’t that sounding like someone we both know?—The Devil. That’s why I call Ray my-best-friend-devil. Because that’s what the devil does. Accuses you for the sin he made you commit! Yes! That was what Ray did. I later got to know that Ray had previously met with Tara in the week and lured her into a bet—a bet that she can’t seduce me (knowing fully well that she can…and actually hoping that she will)—so the text message and the presence of Tara in my room that Saturday were all the acting out of a script my friend wrote. It gladdened him when I fell. He was like “thank God I’m not the only bad guy here”. The same way the devil feels when he tempts you and you fall. He whispers to himself “Thank God I’m not the only one going to hell!” Do you even know that hell was not originally made for you and me? It was “prepared for the devil and his angels” (Mat 25:41). But now, he’s going up and down, seeking who to devour…he longs to take as many people as possible with him to the fire. Dear Friend, but there is goodnews. If you truly are a Christian…born again…you can enjoy what I enjoyed that freed me from the guilt of Ray’s conspiracy. I’m sure you’ve heard these words before: Rom 8:1-2 AMPLIFIED BIBLE: Therefore, [there is] now…no adjudging guilty of wrong…for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live [and] walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life …the law of our new being…has freed me from the law of sin and of death. Rom 8:1-2 MESSAGE (words in parenthesis mine): With the arrival of Jesus (in your life), that fateful dilemma (of always feeling guilty) is resolved. Those who enter into (the provision of) “Christ’s being-here-for-us” no longer have to live under a continuous, low-lying black cloud. A new power is in operation. The Spirit of life in Christ, like a strong wind, has magnificently cleared the air, freeing you from a fated lifetime of brutal tyranny at the hands of sin and death (through guilt). Did you just see that? The devil comes and sets you up in some tempting temptations…and indeed, sometimes you fall! But the funny old thing will yet go and accuse you for a sin you perhaps won’t have committed if he weren’t at work, setting up the temptations (or better still if you’ve opened up your eyes wide enough to see the way of escape…). But “No matter how many times you trip them up, God-loyal people (you and I) don’t stay down long; Soon they’re up on their feet…”—Proverbs 24:16 MSG And really, in life, you will keep meeting people like Ray…but don’t let them hold you down for so long. God is forgiving. And better still, next time, search out the “way of escape” from the devil’s temptation. And remember to pray that line in The Lord’s prayer—Lead us not into temptations… I love you.

OLA, Joseph Kolawole.

Taiwo Joseph Orilogbon nice one again. You see the Bible said RESIST the Devil & he shall flee (James 4:7). But for fornication it says. FLEE fornication… (1 Cor 6:18). Really God himself put that desire in us that’s why it’s so strong and the devil is always taking advantage of it.

Ajani OmoladeThis your female-like picture sha. I’m unable to read the response to my question of exchanging garment. Pls send it to my inbox. How you dey daddy?…ah ah ah.

Ajani OmoladeThis your female-like picture sha. I’m unable to read the response to my question of exchanging garment. Pls send it to my inbox. How you dey daddy?…ah ah ah.

Ajani OmoladeThe piece is cute and good. God bless you.

Chika Amaike Thanks for the exhortation. Furthermore I would lyk us all to NOT BE IGNORANT OF THE DEVICES OF THE DEVIL-2Cor.2 vs 11. I would advice ladies and guys to attend to their opposite sex friends outside their rooms.And we shall all overcome-2 Corin 2 vs

Ajidahun AdebolaGod bless u kola.

Ola Joseph Kolawole ‎@ Chika: nice suggestion…but… @ Molly: I cant even remember d “exchanging garment stuff…” Maybe wen next I go to browse wt my laptop, I’ll be able to decipher what U’re talking abt and send d stuff to Ur inbox. How’re U doing sha? @ Dunsin: … ….lol @ Pastor Taiwo: preach on jobberman…lol

Ola Joseph Kolawole‎@ Bola: thanx ma. I say a big Amen to that prayer…

Ifeoluwa Asaolu very nice piece indeed more grace….

Temitope Ikeade Osunadewell cudnt get the part 1 but this part is also very good and encouraging. thanks alot i do appreciates it. more anointing for more works.

Trena ReedThank you for sharing. I love that our God’s mercy is never-ending!

Ola Joseph Kolawole ‎@ife: thanx Bruv… @tope: to see d part 1, I’ll advice U to check it out on my profile page…under “My Notes” @Trena: U’re welcome Mum.

I like sharing wt pple how I got my inspiration per time. For this piece, the inspiration came from hearing a statement from Joyce Meyer. She was talking abt d devil being d accuser of d brethren. In her own words, she said: “D DEVIL WILL T…See more

Ariyo ‘Jhon Jhay’ Ibukunf-Pastor, pure oil on ur lamp always is ma prayer for U. U re 1 to look up to, U wil neva fail us[GOD N we]…….

Ola Joseph KolawoleAmen o. Thanx brother.

Aworefa Emman AtessMay God help us.

Ola Joseph KolawoleAmen. Phil 2:12-13

Chika AmaikeOkay,I over did it! But the devil is no slow fella.Thank God for his grace. 😉

Ola Joseph KolawoleNo U didnt. I was only trying to relate with d practicality of d advice! As in…:-)

Chika AmaikeYes i did. I wasn’t being practical! We still cool?

Emmanuel Abimbola GoodwillSo what did you do to tara thereafter?

Ola Joseph KolawoleDo to Tara? I deleted her from my “fiction memory”…lol

4 May at 14:46 via Mobile · Like · 1

Agunsoye Esther JedidiahWow! this is a blessing. more Grace and anointing….

Ola Joseph KolawoleAmen Dear Dr!

4 May at 18:32 via Mobile · Like · 1

Adewale Fesojoyeoga mi sir, anoda expository piece. D devil must b disgruntled wherever he is now. God shall continue to word u. God bless u sire!

4 May at 19:09 via Mobile · Like · 1

Ola Joseph KolawoleD devil is disgruntled! Kai! Akoi Turanchi fala fala:-) Thanx, Oga mi. (On a more personal note, eku itoju mi o:-) Won ma n jise yin. Thanx sir.)

4 May at 21:33 via Mobile · Like · 1

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