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DON’T STAY SPEECHLESS… Where do I start it all from? This is kind of difficult. Perhaps because remembering the whole incident chagrins me…or because it also has a humourous dimension that is too amusing to put into words. All I knew was that I was gaping at the whole room. I couldn’t fathom why I had to be in such a well decorated room. Definitely, I could say without mincing words that I’d never been in such a gathering before. But I was kinda feeling at home in the room. There were people all around—familiar and unfamiliar faces alike most of which were staring at me. ******************************************* It appeared I’d been sleeping all day. And when I woke up, I apparently woke up to a brand new city. I was home alone. Dad and Mum had travelled to our hometown. I had been fast asleep when I heard the noise. It was actually the noise that woke me up. It sounded so much like rumours of war. But we live at the outskirt of the town. So the noise sounded like it was coming from the upcountry. I decided I was going to have a look at what was happening. I recently clocked 18 so I’m old enough to see such stuffs for my self—or am I not? As I took the bend that veiled our street from the city gate, I could see thick smoke everywhere. Waaaaao, what could have happened? Could it be that there is war? As I took some few more steps, I saw some friends coming from the midland. “Hello guys…have you any idea what’s going on there?” I asked with a puzzled look. “Yeah. The king just gave orders for that district to be burned down…we learnt some people killed some of his servants” said Joshua. “The king sent his servants to go and tell the people that the table was set for the wedding ceremony of his only son—Prince Yeshua—but the people will not turn up for the ceremony of the king!” Shadrach added. “Aaaaah! But that was too bad. Even if they would not attend, should they now kill the innocent servants? I mean…that’s unbecoming!” I exclaimed. “How I wish I could have such an awesome opportunity to be at the wedding…I’m sure it’s gonna be a big party!” I continued. Joshua then cuts in “don’t even mention that…I learnt the King killed the fattest cows of his herd and the wine for the party was imported…” “The people that gat the heads has gat no caps…those with the caps has gat no heads!” I concluded. But just as we turned towards our houses, we were overtaken by this pale yellow bus. It is obviously one of the buses from the palace of the king. Lo and behold, three palace-servants came down and told us to enter. We were shocked at first. Is it that we’ve been wrongly implicated in the murder of the king’s servants or what? Seeing that we were obviously frightened at the sight of the servants, one of them said to us (I later got to know that his name is Nicolas) “Do not be afraid. We have come to take you to the King’s Son’s Wedding Party. The king had ordered us to go to the outskirts and gather everybody…as many as we can find…and bring them for the wedding feast!” I couldn’t believe my ears. But before I could say “Jack”, I was already in the bus. My friends were put in another bus. The journey to the palace was so short. I wish I could still do some more sight-seeing through the windscreen of the bus—having a closer look at those burnt houses—eavesdropping at the comments and conversations of the passers-by…and all of that. But we were already in the palace. That was how I found myself in this lavishly decorated hall. We were meant to stop over in a big room just outside the wedding hall to have a change of clothing. The king had made provision for this awesome royal raiment for every one that will attend the feast. Somehow, I skipped branching at the room…I headed straight for the wedding hall. Why? I really don’t know. So here am I in a party—not just any party but the Prince’s Wedding Party! Absolutely Unbelievable! A voice said up stage “Hello friends and well-wishers…”—that was what first dazed me…that royalty now calls me (and every other person present) “friend”! What an honour! The voice continued “…the King will join you shortly and the feast and the ceremony will begin…please be seated…and enjoy your appetizer”. I laughed out loud uncontrollably saying to myself “they called this one appetizer? Then what will the main course be like?” I knew I was in for a very wonderful time. I readjusted my seat again. I drew the table closer and took another bite from the stuff in front of me. I don’t even know what name they call it—but whatever names it bears, it remains the most delicious stuff I’d ever taken in a very long time. (I never knew I had this glutton in me—but it is gradually unveiling itself). I really can’t wait for the main feast to begin. I stood up and looked around for my friends but they were no where to be found. But who cares anyway. Let them miss this enjoyment for all I care…what matters is that I’m seated glued to a table filled with all sorts of stuffs—delicious and appealing stuffs!—yet all of that is but just an appetizer! In the mean time, little did I know that I had become the centre of attraction. All eyes were on me. What’s special about me? Or is there more to my being here than I had thought? I’d had a dream weeks earlier where I got married to a King’s daughter…I woke up just when I was about to lift the veil off the bride’s face and give her my supposed first kiss…So is it that my dream is about to come to pass? But I was told we are here for the prince’s wedding—not the princess’. But why is everybody looking at me and smiling once in a while? (I will soon get to know!) Then entered the King’s entourage…then the Prince…then the King himself. Everybody stood to welcome them. There was also a great orchestra that added much beauty to the welcome. I stood as well. “Where’s the Prince’s wife?” I said to myself. But no sooner had I finished soliloquising than I saw the king coming closer and closer to where I was standing. But the look on his face wasn’t appealing at all. I began to fret. Then when he was nearer than a public distance from me, some great words bellowed from his lips. I didn’t catch them at first hearing. My brain had to process an echo for me to grasp the words. The King said to me “Friend…


Taiwo Joseph Orilogbon Men i though u were talking of Opa, sorry modakeke and ife fight. t’was quite interesting keep it real!

Randy R. Reed‎…And then what happened?

Ola Joseph Kolawole‎@ Taiwo: funny you. where are you now? back in Lagos?

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