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If you have not read the first part, I will suggest that you do that before you proceed. You can access it here: Then entered the King’s entourage…then the Prince…then the King. Everybody stood to welcome them. There was also a great orchestral that added much beauty to the welcome. I stood as well. “Where’s the Prince’s wife?” I said to myself. But no sooner had I finished soliloquising than I saw the king coming closer and closer to where I was standing. But the look on his face wasn’t appealing at all. I began to fret. Then when he was nearer than a public distance from me, some great words bellowed from his lips. I didn’t catch them at first hearing. My brain had to process an echo for me to grasp the words. The King said “Friend, how did you come in here without having a wedding garment?” Again, I heard that word “friend” coming from the king himself. But the “wedding garment”??? I can’t reconcile it. Could that be why everyone has been looking at me? Wait…wait a minute…could I have been so carried away about the food and the “spectacularity” of the whole atmosphere that I forgot to notice the fact that everybody in the room was wearing a beautiful long white royal garment? Oh! Could it be that—no. This can’t be happening. How fast thoughts can be. I began to flash back…Something told me I’d seen this scene before. Where exactly was that? A scene where there was this kind of party…and then a man…one man…who the king spotted not wearing the wedding garment…! Yes! I’m beginning to remember. I think it’s in the Bible! Yes! In that Holy Book—the portion I read a couple of days ago actually. Quickly, before giving the king an answer, I brought out my Bible, the copy I had stored in my mind. I needed to see what led that man that I read about 2 days ago to the place where there will be gnashing of teeth and crying—as the Bible puts it! In nano seconds, I’d flipped the pages of the Bible in my mind to Matthew 22…I began to scan through the verses to see this secret…so that I won’t repeat the same mistake that the man made (now that I’m in his shoes) and so that I won’t end up where he ended up. My mind began to read through the lines of Matthew 22…even when I wasn’t holding any physical Bible…and he sent out his servants to call those who were invited to the wedding; and they would not come…again he sent out other servants, saying, tell those who are invited…all things are ready…come to the marriage…but not caring, they went their ways…and the rest took his servants…and killed them…but when the king heard…he sent out his armies and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city…then he said to his servants, the wedding is ready, but they who were invited were NOT WORTHY…therefore go into the exits of the highways, and as many as you shall find, invite them to the marriage…So the servants went…and gathered together as many as they found, both bad (like gluttons like me) and good….and the wedding was filled with reclining guests…and the king coming in…saw a man there who did not have on a wedding garment…and he said to him, FRIEND, (the exact words this king I was standing in front of used)…HOW DID YOU COME IN HERE WITHOUT HAVING A WEDDING GARMENT?…and he was speechless…then the king said…bind him hand and foot…and cast him into outer darkness. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth…for many are called, but few chosen…

I had to do a rewind in my mind to really lay my hands on what landed that man in hell. I must be very careful here not to make the same mistake…so I made a rewind back to the words of the king in my mind-Bible…Friend, how did you come in here without having a wedding garment? (So what was his response?)…AND HE WAS SPEECHLESS! That’s it! Eureka! I’ve found it. So if there is one thing I should avoid so that I won’t have a repeat of what I’d read, it is speechlessness. So immediately I fell at the king’s feet and paid obeisance…I began to sob as I spoke to him…“sir…I’m so sorry I did not wear the wedding garment…I was wrong…I disrespected your providence…I didn’t know what came over me…I guess I was too eager to start eating from the table you have lavishly prepared…I was in haste to start feasting…I forgot the words of the Preacher…woe unto that land…whose princes feast in the morning…that was me…I was more after the feast than after the reason for the feast…have mercy…I don’t want to die…I know I deserve to…but I don’t want to…if it pleases thee, let me just go in peace…I don’t deserve to be here…feasting with these nobles…I’m a glutton!…food is all I know…but don’t kill me…p-l-e-a-s-e” The king smiled and brought me up to my feet. Then he hugged me. Then he spoke to me…he said that killing me won’t give him any joy…he had always wanted me to be with him. He had always wanted me to not just be a guest at the wedding feast, but the bride alongside other guests…he said the prince was going to marry us all…that was the whole plan! That’s why the whole city was invited; so that by so-doing, the prince will identify with them all…giving the whole city an unquestionable right of access into the King’s treasures…but the invitees would not show up. This is not just a wedding between a man and a woman; it is a wedding between a man and a people…between a head and the rest of the body…between a saviour and the saved! Then came the prince…he was looking extremely handsome. He tenderly spoke to me. “Friend…I love you…I love everybody in this city…that’s the essence of this wedding…I already prepared the table…I already bought the tickets for all of you…I already bought the wedding garments for all of you as well…and thank God you CHOOSE to come…you CHOOSE to enter the palace…you CHOOSE to enter the feast hall…you CHOOSE to sit at the prepared table and have a taste of the appetizer…but you CHOOSE NOT to exchange your garments for mine!?!…I’d forgiven you even before you asked for it…and I will abundantly pardon you…for I HAVE LOVED YOU…WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE.” Then the servants took me to the exchange room, and exchanged my clothes for the king’s provision. Oh! You need to see me in this new apparel. I was looking more glorious than I’d ever been. And come to think of it—I didn’t have to pay to buy this! It was a gift! A FREE GIFT! ********************************************* And God is offering you the same gift today…still for free! Yes! You’ve chosen to be a Christian. You’ve chosen to click on the link to read this note…but have you not avoided making the choice to exchange your garment for his? Christ wants you to exchange your garment of legalism for his garment of righteousness. Stop living by your feelings. Stop feeling like “I attend church…I’m not as bad as the adulterer next door…I tithe…I…I…I!” No. Stop justifying yourself. How can you stand before a perfect God and say you’ve been good enough? Only one thing will make Him present you blameless before God—His robe of righteousness on you! Wear it always…don’t put it off—for you are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. Shalom.

Akingunsola Oluwatoyin Estheri am blessed by this message, i wont b speechless

Taiwo Joseph Orilogbonsalient lesson from a story we’ve known from long ago. God never delights in a sinner’s death no matter how sinful he might have been

Ajani OmoladeGod bless you sir. This is such a lovely piece, another inspiration and perspective to the things of God. More of it and more anointing in Jesus name.

Randy R. ReedWhat a great new perspective to an age-old story. It was beautifully crafted and well told. You have been given a gift, Son—a gift from God. 🙂

Oladapo Timibiutiful piece..let’s continue spreading d good news in whicheva way we knw ao.bless u!

Trena ReedWhat a beautiful thought, I’ve never seen the story that way.

Sandi CarpenterThank you for the reminder of God’s blessings for me. Peace in your journeys, you are a blessing in my life.

Oyeleke Mary Oluwadunsin almost said speechless b4 it occured to me… Neva knew that great lesson is in that portion of the scripture. U are a light to this generation. keep shinning.

Oyeleke Mary Oluwadunsingetting a better understanding of wot u said d oda tym… 2 sum face book is a ministry. Guess dat is the best way to describe you. keep the flag flying. it gladens heavn.

Randy R. ReedKeep on “Faithbooking”, Kola! 🙂

Ola Joseph Kolawole ‎@ Mary: thanks Ma’am @ Daddy Randy: I guess I just added another word to my vocabulary–“Faithbooking”! Hmmm. Only following a father’s footsteps anyway.

‎@ to you all: Facebook literarily means “face book”…i.e. BOOK OF FACES (or from another perspective), FACE YOUR BOOK. The latter tells me that Facebook is a platform to be serious with your ministry (which does not necessarily have to be…See more

Ajani OmoladeHow do you exchange your garment of legalism for that of God’s righteousness.

Molly: It’s all about relationship (not rules). Stop following the rules for the sake of appearance or duty, and dive into an ever-deepening relationship with your loving Father, Savior, and Friend, :)“A proper attitude is more pleasing t…See more

Ola Joseph Kolawole‎@ Molly: My Dad has answered you the best way I possibly could. hope you now understand?

Ola Joseph KolawoleDont Stay Speechless…D inspiration came from reading that passage of the scriptures when those words–AND HE WAS SPEECHLESS”–jumped at me! I quickly started seeing myself living in the setting of d parable…CONTEMPORARILY! But avoiding d same mistake of the man in d story. I also borrowed clues frm a message I heard recently on GOD TV titled Spiritual Fornication.

Ajani OmoladeOla: thanks dad. Guess I now have a grand dad…lols. Dad Randy: thanks a million, God bless you. More annointing in Jesus name.

Randy R. ReedMolly: Thank you for your prayers. I’m praying for you! =]

Aseroma Sparkle DaisyHmmm,wat can I say.dese days I find myself lookin 4wad 2 ur links nd messages on facebuk cos dey always inspire me.d joseph in our generation.

Ola Joseph KolawoleLol….Mummy Sparkle! Hmmm.Frm dt day I joined you to help Chidera wt her hair (I bet you probably cant rememba), there’s bn a part of me reaching out to tap into a part of you, two. I’ve not gotten it yet. It’s a depth within both of you where d passion fruit grows sweet:-)

keep mothering me…lol

Emmanuel Abimbola GoodwillYou are blessed. I will definitely learn to write from you. I know something is robbing on me even as i drop this comment.After you have done all you will not be a cast away. . . No. . Never.

Ola Joseph KolawoleAaameeeeeen! That’s bn my prayer for a while now, too sir.

DON’T STAY SPEECHLESS… Where do I start it all from? This is kind of difficult…See more

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