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Dont Be Caught Dead…Inside D Toilet! (TOILET MINISTRY, Part 2)

Dont Be Caught Dead…Inside D Toilet!

a living dog is better than a dead lion… Ecc 9:4

THE TOILET MINISTRY (PART 2)… Remember where we started from in the first part? With a joke about a man that found himself in a females’ toilet and started pressing “the buttons he had sworn not to press”…and you remembered where he landed? “Yeah! You remembered. On the hospital bed!” (If you did not read the first part of this piece, U can check it out on my notes on my profile page).

Let me start this second part with a true life story. This happened years back (over a decade actually) so don’t crucify me.

There was this day that my Dad was taking bread and tea in the afternoon (back then, those were really rare delicacies. Especially the tea…the family takes that once in a week thereabout). So I was expecting my Dad to call me like he always did to come and finish the remaining tea in his cup…but alas! He didn’t! But there was a part of me that was dying to have a taste of the brownish thing in whatever form—powdery or liquid. Covetousness, you may choose to call it. Or “hunger”—perhaps, that was what I thought it was. But whatever it was, the thing led me to do what I shouldn’t have done but which many of you would also have done if you were in my shoes.

I thought to myself “I will go and take some of the Bournvita…scoop as much as my tiny little hand can contain…then rush to the toilet—the place where nobody sees me—the place where everyone respects my privacy. Then when I enter, rather than do what the toilet was meant for—I will satisfy my throat with the sweet sensation the powder as it journeys down my oesophagus to my alimentary canal…” Those were thoughts—the “innocent thoughts of a 7-yr old.

And that was just what I did. Went into the room where the beverages were kept…climbed on a stool to carry the tin from the shelf…opened the tin with my metallic belt tip…then…dipped my innocent little hand in…and scooped a handful of bournvita…then rushed to close the tin with the lid…then I heard some foot steps approaching…so I took the other exit (without returning the tin back to where I picked it from)…and I hurried towards the toilet. But as I was reaching for the knob to the toilet door from outside (with the second hand), the toilet door was opened (from inside) and my Mum came out of it. (We lived back then in a house with only one toilet!…but now, we live in a house with three!) Shocked…I quickly hid my second hand behind my back and displayed a restlessness that was too obvious to be hidden. Mummy asked “what’s that?” “what’s what?” I replied. “What are you hiding?…bring me your hand…”…the rest was “history”. I was given a “beating I will never forget”. Don’t just laugh…because I’m sure you’ve been there before too. Haven’t you?

You know, as I was typing this note, it dawned on me that the “toilet” literarily has its own function. But some people go there to do other things besides the function it was meant for. So let me remind you of what “toilet” means as far as this write-up is concerned:

“Toilet” in the context of this write-up is taken to mean “that place where no one else goes with you to”…”that place where (as it were) no one sees you”…”where nobody is there, except you…alone.” and like I said in the first part, “toilet ministry” means…what you do…when nobody is there!

So what’s the danger in “going to the toilet”…as in “going to those places where nobody sees us…?”. I have come to understand that going to such places is not the problem. The problem is from what you go there…to do! Fine, people will always “respect” your privacy when you eneter the “toilet” but a day is coming when the unforeseen will happen and you will need the help of people that are “outside the toilet” but because they “respect your toilet privacy”, nobody will come to your rescue! I SPEAK IN PARABLES…

I said in the last write-up that I was going to tell you of a King in the Scriptures that died like that. An enemy came and smartly gained enterance to his presence to stab him. The security guards were expecting him to come out, but on assumotion that he was in the toilet, they respected his “toilet privacy” and decided not to check. But after a while, by the time they broke the door in to check, behold…the king is dead.

I am not formulating stories. Let me quote the scriptures and you will see what I’m saying:

Judges 3:20-25 God’s Word Version (20) Ehud came up to him as he sat alone in his room on the roof. He said to the king, “I have a message from God for you.” As the king rose from his throne, (21) Ehud reached with his left hand, took the dagger from his right side, and plunged it into Eglon’s belly. (24) After Ehud went out, Eglon’s advisers came in. They were surprised that the doors were locked. “HE MUST BE USING THE TOILET,” they said. (25) They waited and waited, but Eglon didn’t open the doors. So they took the key and opened the door. They were shocked to see their ruler lying on the floor, dead.

That’s why I wish you could see the “foolishness” of the “toilet ministry”. Think twice when no man is watching. Ask yourself, “can I do this if my Dad was here?” “or if my Mum was here?” “or if my fiancé(e) was here?” “or if my best friend was here?”….and most importantly…“If God was here?”…AND HE IS! YES! He’s right there with you everytime.

So when next you want to rush to those hiding places to do the “ungodly”, just remember…GOD IS WATCHING!

I actually planned writing something entirely different for this second part…but as I started typing this note, the flow changed. This is yet a reinforcement to the first part. If God permits, there will yet be a part three, where I will show you the “concept” behind why you act the way you do…especially in the toilet!

God loves you Sweetheart…and so do I.

Enjoy! /jeuzIf/ © Feb, 2010

Oyeleke Mary Oluwadunsin Pastor, well done!. Different perspectiv 4rm wot I saw d oda day. 10k God 4 d inspiratn. Geometric progressn…

Ariyo ‘Jhon Jhay’ IbukunWell done. More grace! Ur voice to this generation wil not be silenced in Jesus’ name.

Ola Joseph KolawoleAmen…and U too.

Ogooluwa EkundareI love ds piece. God’s oil on ur head wil neva run dry.

Oyeleke Mary OluwadunsinDis picture is…

Ola Joseph Kolawole Thank Y’all. @ Mama Dunsin: what abt d picture?

Ajani OmoladeThank you for the piece. I am getting to know more of you daddy. More wisdom, inspiration and greater Lord’s perspective about things in Jesus name. Love you daddy.

Ola Joseph KolawoleLove U too Mummy…

Adebiyi Oluseyi AkanoThe letter killeth,but the spirit giveth LIFE. The spirit in you,is indeed a source of LIFE to this Generation.Well done, SIR.

Ola Joseph Kolawole‎@ Seyi: Thanx sir. We’re still following…U’re still leading…

Adebiyi Oluseyi Akanoyea Leading from the rear, i guess. (lol) happy day…

Ola Joseph KolawoleApostle, Very funny…

Akinbayo TopeNice writin,but sir u make me fear wen i read ur parables.

Ola Joseph KolawoleHaba Bros. Thou shall not FEAR…

Ola Joseph KolawoleHaba Bros. Thou shall not FEAR…

Ifedadepo Hamed-adekaleKola You have got it going for you.Keep it up. Greetings to everybody. Good to see to see u functioning in Christ.

30 April at 07:48 via Mobile · Unlike · 1

Ola Joseph Kolawole Thanx sir. Good to hear frm you, too, sir. Trust work and/or studies ova there is going good. My hearty rgds to everyone sir.

Gen Joshua HeirbygraceI love this…much more of God o…

Ayodele Oluwadamilolamay d almighty GOD continue 2bless u.

Bukayo OdewumiDs is a nice &powerful piece. More of God in ur life.

Ola Joseph KolawoleAmen o. Thanx Mum. And thanx for d text, too:-)

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