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Keep The Door Shut, Dear Wall!


Keep d door shut!

…smiling? See! The Door is Open!!!


When fences are reduced to barricades, And barricades are shattered to mere bars on the floor; The goats throw a big party— Their days of “restrictions” are over.

When walls are reduced to membranes, And hard shells become permeable; Pathogens dance for joy— “It’s time for some parasitic associations!”

When barriers turn to carriers, Transporting stuffs from outside to inside; The struggle for entrance is laid to rest— Foreign bodies zoom in, full of life!

When the farm becomes too bushy, And each plant is flanked by weeds; The plants are proned to starvation— An equivalent of unproductivity.

Wait… Consider this…

When a flash comes in—and the phone rings— And you picked the flash—and a conversation is almost starting; That’s no more a flash— the register of telecommunications will refer to that as a call (not a flash) however short!

So… when flashes become calls And text messages become multimedia messages; You had better be sensitive— Or you are lost and left behind before you know it.

Now this sounds funny; But it makes a lot of sense:

We have a little sister, And she has no breasts, What shall we do for our sister On the day when a man comes courting?

If she’s a WALL – discreet and “womanly” We will epitomize her chastity— By building upon her a battlement of silver…

But if she’s a DOOR—Flirtatious and unchaste, We will teach her the value of chastity— By shutting her up with the hard woods of Cedar.


When walls turn to doors… Nothing, perhaps, is more disastrous! Selah

Friendship with the world Is enmity with God.

Guard your heart with all diligence For out of it flows the issues of life…

Guard the doors of your mouth From her who lies in thy bosom… Let alone he/she who dwells in the world…

You’d better shut your door(s)… Or keep them shut… For he that will come is coming. Selah.

(C) 2008

Ajani OmoladeYes daddy, thank you for the eye-opening words. Praise God my price is far far far than rubies and precious stones.

Ola Joseph KolawoleHmmmmm…….

Adegoke OlajumokeThanks so much. My doors are kept shut

Ola Joseph KolawoleYeah. U caught d spirit.

Olabamiyo Oluwole Olu-enteroh boi dis is lovely..kip d flag flyn

2 May at 06:46 via Mobile · Unlike · 1

Ola Joseph KolawoleMmm… Thanx ma.

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